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This video was taken at the Annual Youth Celebration in Castor, LA on August 14, 2016. The story above, Water the Garden, was used during this celebration as part of the motivational speech given to the youth. In the video, the story starts at the 5:12 mark. Motivational PUSH Inc. hopes that this message speaks to your heart!



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water the garden

One day, a boy's father told him to take a bucket and fill it with water so to carry the water to a garden about twenty feet away. Each time he would fill the bucket and walk towards the garden, the bucket would be empty by the time he made it to the garden. The boy started filling the bucket with water and running to garden, but running did not help either. The bucket would still be empty by the time he made it to the garden. The little boy became tired and frustrated; so he goes to his father and says, "I have worked hard for nothing. I didn't get the garden any water." His dad tells him, "Look in the bucket." "What do you see?" The bucket which was once dirty is now clean. He then tells the boy to examine himself. "Notice how strong you have become from carrying the water daily?" asks his father. The father begins to walk towards the garden as his son follows him. The daddy points out the budding of plants and flowers along the path. "They have grown because of the water falling from your bucket, and the sun continuously shining on them," says the father. Then they made it to the garden which was NOT dry, but flourishing due to receiving the necessary nutrients and water from the roots of the new plants and flowers which had grown along the path.  The boy's father looks at him and says, "Do not be so focused on the MAIN goal that you miss your cleansing, your growth, and the opportunity to touch others along the way."


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Disclaimer: I am not the author of this story. The author is unknown. I am not an expert on this subject. These blogs serve as an interpretation of life from a philosophical viewpoint.

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