Motivational PUSH Inc. was created in August of 2015 in hopes of encouraging others to be positive in their daily walks of life. Motivational videos, motivational skits, motivational memes, and motivational status updates are provided to the social media community as a constant reminder to "go be positive". From these reminders, stemmed the goB+ (go be positive) movement led by Motivational PUSH Inc. founder Sadé "Slim" Stewart.

Our Story

Sadé "Slim" Stewart was raised in a small town in Northwest Louisiana where she  graduated as her high school's Valedictorian. Due to Stewart being a standout athlete and excelling academically in high school, she was able to attend a University in East Texas earning her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, and her Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) all while playing collegiate basketball. After college, Stewart immediately begin working in her field of chemistry and has recently become the owner of two mobile home subdivisions. Although Stewart has many accomplishments and a long list of accolades, she too knows what it feels like to face adversity. There were times in her life that she had to depend on prayer, self motivation, and encouragement from others in order to make it through. One of her many stories of adversity can be viewed below. The realization of how powerful motivation, encouragement, and inspiration can be is what led Stewart to massively encourage others. Stewart's Motivational PUSHes have been seen and heard at multiple events and on well known social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Sadé "Slim" Stewart hopes to continue to spread positivity and travel the world physically and virtually while doing so.

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Our Mission

Motivational PUSH Inc. hopes to take advantage of motivational speaking engagements and the massive social media following to promote positivity, discuss trending topics from an optimistic point of view, and shed light on the daily struggles most people face. It is with great effort that we encourage all to remain positive no matter the issues they may be facing. Motivational PUSH Inc. takes every opportunity to donate money, food, and clothing to local homeless shelters, raise awareness, establish "Stop Abuse" campaigns, and inspire the people of the community. Because of the financial support received from generous donations, speaking honorariums, and the online store profits, Motivational PUSH Inc. has been able to stay on track with helping those that are less fortunate. We are humbled and honored to carry such a great responsibility all while having the support of the people!


"It only takes a few words of encouragement to change someone's attitude; maybe even their life." - Sadé "Slim" Stewart